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Agri-Turf Supplies, Inc.

Sales and Service Since 1954

About Agri-Turf Supplies

Agri-Turf Supplies is an independently owned and operated company based in Santa Barbara, CA. For fifty-eight years we've served Santa Barbara and its adjacent counties, specializing in products and services which beautify and maintain some of the most magnificent gardens in the world. Our facility serves both retail and wholesale customers and locally we offer home visit consultation and application services for the products we sell.

We stock a wide range of fertilizers, soil amendments, agricultural chemicals, application equipment and other landscaping supplies needed by lawn & garden professionals for the incredible plant diversity found in our hometown of Santa Barbara. We carry products packaged small enough to care for that one special rose and large enough for fields of production plants.

We serve large users in the nursery industry, agriculture, and golf courses which keeps our prices competitive and our information current with the latest in plant-care products. Our clientele places its trust in us for this accurate, up-to-date information and has rewarded us with a steady stream of estate managers, professional gardeners, and landscape contractors who visit our store daily.

Our staff has over a century's worth of combined experience in agriculture and horticulture and features licensed Agricultural Pest Control Advisers who make recommendations regarding: insects, mites, invertebrates, nematodes, vertebrate pests, plant pathogens, weeds, plant growth regulators and defoliants. We're also licensed Pest Control Operators, and have a Certified Crop Adviser, Certified Nurserymen and licensed Consulting Arborist, dedicated to serving you.

As we begin the new millennium we're excited to introduce our web site which offers you the same professional plant care products and services that have allowed us to flourish for nearly a half century.


Certified Organic Products
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Turf Sod

  • Fertilizers - Commercial
  • Fertilizers - Organic & Minerals
  • Fertilizers - Liquid, Minerals & Biostimulants
  • Fertilizers - Controlled Release
  • Fertilizers -Specialty
  • Fertilizers - Turf
  • Fertilizers - Minor & Trace Elements
  • Fertilizers - Water Soluble
  • Fertilizer - Spreaders
  • Soil Amendments & Conditioners - Bulk
  • Soil Amendments & Conditioners - Bags
  • Fungicides, Bactericides & Disinfectants
  • Insecticides - Miticides
  • Insecticides - Aerosols
  • Herbicides - Pre-emergent
  • Herbicides - Post-emergent
  • Herbicides - Aquatic
  • Rodenticides, Vertebrate Pests
  • Rodent / Vertebrate Pest Tools & Exclusion
  • Safety Equipment (Fisher, American Optical, Willson)
  • Seeds & Sod
  • Snail Baits
  • Sprayers, Applicators, Fittings & Hoses
  • Spray Adjuvants
  • Tools - Instruments
  • Miscellaneous Chemicals
  • Growth Regulators & Hormones
  • Miscellaneous


Services: California Central Coast, Ventura to San Luis Obispo

Biological Control, Landscape Consultation, Weed Control & Prevention,
Deep Root Feeding, Vertebrate Pest Control, Orchard Spraying
Tree & Ornamental Spraying, Pest Management, Integrated Pest Management,
Turf Spraying, and Soil Analysis for Commercial, Municipal & Private Properties


Farmers, Nurseries, Golf Courses, Estate Grounds,
City & County Parks, Cemeteries, Schools,
Commercial Properties, Homeowners, Greenhouses, and Orchards


Soil Testing and Custom Program
Leaf and Tissue Testing and Custom Program

Commercial Services: California Central Coast, Ventura to San Luis Obispo

Agri-Turf Supplies offers local agriculture and professional landscapers with the specialty tools and supplies that can make difficult garden tasks easier. For example we sell orchard ladders; they are built in a tripod configuration allowing the user to place the support leg in between branches and limbs. This enables you to easily reach the center of the tree for picking and pruning., These sturdy commercial aluminum ladders are available in 6,8,10,12 and 14 foot sizes. We also sell fruit picking bags, stainless steel spreaders, soil probes, 1 gal. to 500 gal. sprayers, and much more. So if you're searching for hard to find garden tools or supplies, give us a call and we'll find it for you.

Deep-Root Tree Feeding
Tree Spraying & Weed Control
Sprayers & Spreaders

Please contact us to arrange a consultation in the California Central Coast area.
Bringing beauty to Santa Barbara for over 55 years.


Golf Courses
Estate Grounds

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